One of the most satisfying volunteer activities I do is serve on the Napa Valley College Foundation.   I have some scholarships at the college and when we had the event pre covid, to reward the scholarships, I loved interacting with the winners.  And I have discovered that they are so grateful. The foundation also does other things to help students beside the scholarships which include: new furnishing and media equipment for the student union, book vouchers for new students, funds to purchase computers for students both for the recovery from the fires and the pandemic, funds for a student trip to Washington DC, funds for emergency assistance for needy students, funds for membership fees for the honor society, and funds for fire relief in 2017 for various needs.

When we review the scholarships, reading the applications can wring your heart because for so many of the students applying for scholarships  means to them that they will  be able to stay in college rather  have to quit for lack of funds.   Books have become very expensive and that takes a good part of some of the scholarship funds awarded.  Also I was amazed to find how many of the students either live in their car, couch surf or live in a homeless camp.  This seems hard to believe in affluent Napa Valley.

I want to encourage you even if it is a small gift to consider giving to the Napa Valley College Foundation.  This is one of the best community colleges in California and the object is to educate everyone who wants.   And you can be a part of that education.

Penny Pawl